Determined, fixed, or settled
@ stated meeting
A meeting of a board of directors, board of officers, etc., held at the time appointed therefor by law, ordinance, by-law, or other regulation; as distinguished from "special" meetings, which are held on call as the occasion may arise, rather than at a regularly appointed time, and from adjourned meetings
+ stated meeting
A meeting held at a stated or duly appointed time and place; a regular meeting (q.v.).
@ stated term
A regular or ordinary term or session of a court for the dispatch of its general business, held at the time fixed by law or rule; as distinguished from a special term, held out of the due order or for the transaction of particular business
@ stated times
Occurring at regular intervals or given regularly; fixed, regular in operation or occurrence, not occasional or fluctuating
@ stated account
Term signifies an agreed balance between the parties to a settlement; that is, that they have agreed after an investigation of their accounts that a certain balance is due from one to the other. Holt v. Western Farm Services, Inc., 19 Ariz.App. 335, 507 P.2d 674, 677
@ stated capital
Amount of capital contributed by stockholders. Sometimes used to mean legal capital. The capital or equity of a corporation as it appears in the balance sheet. The sum of the par value of all par value shares issued, the entire amount received for no-par shares, and any amounts transferred by a stock dividend or other corporate action from surplus to stated capital. In some jurisdictions, only a portion of the amount received for no-par shares need be included in stated capital and the remainder may be credited to paid-in surplus and be distributed as a dividend
+ stated capital
The sum of
(a) the par value of all shares with par value that have been issued,
(b) the amount of the consideration received for all shares without par value that have been issued, except such part of the consideration therefor as may have been allocated to surplus in a manner permitted by law, and
(c) such other amounts as have been transferred to stated capital, whether upon the distribution of shares or otherwise, minus all reductions from such sums as have been effected in a manner permitted by law and surplus
- stated value

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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